Saturday, August 6, 2016

Inlandsbanan (Ytterhogdal - Mora)

Today I'm leaving Ånge and continuing south west to Inlandsbanan (Inland Line). 
 To get there, I'm first passing through a stop along the Norra Stambanan (North Main Line) - Östavall, south of Ånge. The station here was removed in 1986.
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 After taking roads 315 and 314 from Östaval, I'm arriving to Ytterhogdal. Inland Line was built 1908-1937, in order to secure transportations for inner part of the country (compared to Main Line along the coast). The line is 1288km long between Gällivare and Kristinehamn.
 Ytterhogdal is a stop 830km from Gällivare and 400km from Kristinehamn.
 The stop is located 5km from the nearby village. The last train operated by SJ stopped here in 1991. There is an interesting documentary covering the last train trip along this line. Since 1993 the service was taken over by 15 regions along the line, using brand name Inlandsbanan and Snötåget.

 At Fågelsjö I have a chance to see one of the trains operated by Inlandsbanan.
 Y1 is a diesel railcar produced in 1980 by Kalmar Verkstad and Fiat Ferroviaria.

 Tansjöborg. Station building was demolished in 1957, but it is still possible to use the train here today.

 To make the train stop at this station a special signal has to be made.

 The railway is very old, modernisation is on the way to make heavier cargo trains operate here.


 One of the major attractions along the line here is Storstupet where Inlandsbanan is crossing Ämån river on the 34m high bridge constructed in 1903.
 Y1 train is passing here.

 During the summer months, there is an extra stop on the bridge, so the passengers can take photos.

 The bridge was the first arch railway bridge in Sweden.
 Another spectacular place to visit nearby is Helvetesfallet.

 Nearby Orsa there is a spectacular place to visit - Fryksås Fäbod, 471m above the sea level.
 Fryksås is famous for its original Dala-style housing and it is offering a view of Lakes Orsa and Siljan.

 Last stop for me today is Rättvik.
 Rättvik is placed along the Dalabanan railway between Mora and Uppsala.
 Daily Intercity service is arriving from Stockholm to Mora.

 Train is operated with A11 and B11 coaches, painted in blue for planned brand "Blue X" in 2001. The goal was to upgrade them to maximum speed of 180km/h, but this plan was abandoned later.

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