Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bohusbanan and Göteborg

Today I'm visiting station along Bohusbanan, which is a 180km single track railway from Göteborg to Strömstad via Uddevalla. I will only cover today the part between Göteborg and Stenungsund.
 First stop is Säve, 15km from Göteborg. Unfortunately the trains do not stop here, Västtrafik which operates the trains claim that more stops would cause longer journey times.
 When the railway opened in 1903 it was meant to be extended to Norway, but the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway in 1905 prevented this plan.
 All stations along the line are created by Folke Zettervall, and looks more or less identical with two shades of brown bricks.

 Another identical station is Ytterby, 22km from Göteborg, which is the first train stop from Göteborg.
 The railway was modernised between 2007-2010.

 Most trains are until Uddevalla, some until Strömstad. Västtågen is the only passenger train operator here, with services once per hour.

 Station in Ytterby is a private house.
 Art sculpture outside the station.

 Next stop is Kode.
 No station building here.
 Jörlanda, the station is still there, trains do not stop.
 Last train stopped here in 1984.

 Stora Höga station re-opened in 2000.

 Stenungsund station.
 Västtåg operates here with X52 "Regina" trains.
 There is a plan to have a new "pendeltåg" line (Commuter Train) from Stenungsund to Landvetter airport after opening Västlänken (railway tunnel in Göteborg) and the new railway to Borås, which is scheduled to happen earliest 2025.
 Modernisation is however on the way here is Stenungsund.

 Memorial from 75 years celebration of the railway in 1982.
 Inside the Stenungsund station, waiting hall.
 Looks well preserved.
 After coming back to Göteborg, visiting the new Marieholm railway bridge. The new bridge opened in spring 2016 and it is increasing the capacity for Bohusbanan and railway to Skandia harbour in Göteborg.
 The bridge over Göta älv river is a moveable bridge.
 The new bridge is in parallel with the old one.
 More about the project Södra Marieholmsbron here.
 The project includes also new road tunnel and will be completed 2020.

 Time to move the bridge.

 After moving back the railway part, during a short moment it is aligned with pedestrian part.

 Rc3 from Rush Rail at Sävenäs

 T44 from Green Cargo
 Sävenäs depot
 X2 train from Göteborg
 NSB Class BM70, Blå tåget train, and two X61 from Västtåg.

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