Saturday, May 14, 2016

Västervik, Vimmerby

Today, I'm taking trains on Tjustbanan and Stångådalsbanan. First I'm travelling to Linköping.
 Early morning in Årstaberg, X2 train is passing by
 New X60B pendeltåg, delivered by Alstom. The new version has different seats and the train is equipped with ERTMS.
 X60B at Stockholm C.
 From Stockholm an 1h48m trip to Linköping by SJ Regional (X40). By 2028 when Ostlänken high speed railway is completed, this journey will take about 1h.
 Y31 (Bombardier Itino) train.

 X12 and X50

 Linköping Central
 Today Östgötapendeln is operated entirely with X61 trains. The main line is Norrköping-Motala
 The concept Kustpilen is today operated on 2 lines: Linköping-Västervik and Linköping-Kalmar. The first one is using Y31 trains.
The trip to Västervik is 1h47m
 Y31 Kustpilen version has first class section.
 At Bjärka-Säby the railway is split in two, Tjustbanan and Stångådalsbanan (to the right).
 The railway was upgraded to System R automatic block signalling, a system similar to ERTMS version 2.
 At Falerum there is a train meeting

 Final stop Västervik
 From Västervik there is a ferry to Gotland

 Next stop for me is Vimmerby.

 When passengers are gone, the birds are coming.

 Vimmerby was the home town for famous swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.
 The telephone booth transformed into a library.

 City hall
 Y2 train is arriving from Linköping
 Y2 train is identical to danish IC3 (covered recently in my blog).

 First class section

 Arriving to Linköping

 SJ Regional to/from Västerås.
X2 is taking me back to Stockholm

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