Saturday, May 7, 2016

Scandinavian circle 2 - Denmark part 2

DSB is not the only railway operator in Denmark. Arriva (owned by DB) is operating railway lines in Jylland with Litra AR, also known as Alstom Corradia Lint 41 trains.
 Corradia Lint at Skanderborg station


  Diesel trains are polluting at the train station.

IC4 train at Aalborg station. The train was manufactured by italian AnsaldoBreda and it has caused a  major political issue in Denmark due to long delays in the delivery and various issues after the delivery.

 Aalborg station

  The last stop in Denmark before the ferry to Sweden - Frederikshavn.

 From Frederikshavn to Göteborg, there is a ferry service takin 3,5h.

 The station viewed from the ferry.

  Approaching Göteborg

 Mölnycke station outside Göteborg
 X11 train from Borås to Göteborg
 The line I'm following now is coast to coast railway from Göteborg to Kalmar. The line opened in parts, the last part was finished 1902. Now there are plans to build a new high speed railway on the part Göteborg-Borås. Travel times will be reduced by half with the new line. If everything goes as planned the building will start 2020 and finish 2026.
 Rävlanda station
 Bollebygd station
 Limmared station and its glass house. Limmared glassworks is the main supplied for Absolut vodka bottles.

 Grimsås station
 The trains does not stop anymore in Grimsås
 Hestra station

 Gnosjö station
 SJ Regional train from Kalmar to Göteborg is about to stop here
 Local petrol station in Gnosjö
 Hillerstorp station

 Huskvarna station just outside Jönköping (at the Jönköpingbanan railway).
 The lake Vättern viewed from the station
 Arriving to Stockholm by car is not a fast experience. The railway bridge in Södertälje is reminding of an alternative transportation.

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