Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Photos from the past

In this post I would like to look back in time. I took a look at my old photos, and found some train related from previous travels.
 Here is one from January 2014. Tågkompaniet X50 train with IKEA advertising.
 This one is from 2011 in Milano, Italy.
 2011 in Sevilla, Spain.

 2012 in Bergen, Norway.
 2013 in Shanghai, China. Maglev train from the airport.
 CRH2 train
 CRH1A train, similar to Swedish Regina family train from Bombardier.
 CRH3 train, similar to German ICE3 train.
 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.
 2010 in Stockholm. Flexity Bombardier tram borrowed from Norrköping.
 2007 in Copenhagen. Note the billboard for Sterling airlines, which was in bankrupt 2008.
 2009 in Amsterdam. V250 train from AnsaldoBreda was a tragic story. The train was in service for just a few years, after having several problems with the train, NS decided to refund them.

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