Friday, September 25, 2015

Mixed photos from September

Posting photos from 3 different occasions that took place in September.
 Mölnbo station is a small place along Västra Stambanan railway, close to Södertälje.
 The old railway station building is now closed, the newer platform station is a bit away.
 The station is now used by SL Pendeltåg for the line Södertälje-Gnesta.
 The stairs in Gnesta are decorated by Art Lab Gnesta, the project is called Trappgatan.
 Gnesta is the last stop for commuter trains from Stockholm, the station is also used for SJ Regional line to Hallsberg.
 Gnesta railway station.
 Another stairs a bit away, nearby Kumla. Kvarntorp hill (157m above sea level) is the highest point in Närke.
 The stairs was installed 2005, and was financed by local business and people.
 The view from the hill, far away is Svampen in Örebro.
 Jumping to Göteborg, the view from Skansen Kronan hill.
 Hot Dog kiosk at Mariaplan.
 The view from the harbour in Saltholmen.
At the end of Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) arranged the public visit to the new bridge in Årsta. The bridge will be used in connection with new CityTunnel project.
The view from the bridge.

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