Friday, May 29, 2015


On a rainy spring day, this trip went to småland through some places in västergötland. First some stops along the Västra stambanan railway.
 Gårdsjö station must be one of the smallest train stations in Sweden. The town of Gårdsjö has only 146 citizens, but the trains are stopping here several times per day.
 This one however is passing without stopping. X74 from MTR Express from Göteborg to Stockholm.
 Next stop is Skultorp. The station was shut down 1981, due to its close location to Skövde (5km), the busses are operating here instead.
 The station building is however left as a memory.
 Next one is a stop at Vaggerydsbanan in Småland. Smålands Taberg is a station from 1894 and is still operated.
 Taberg is famous for its mountain, 343 meters above sea level and is mentioned in Selma Lagerlöfs "The wonderful adventures of Nils".

 On top there is a view point, and a cafe.
 The station can be seen from above.
 On top there is also a royal monument.
 Vaggeryd is the next stop.

 The train from Värnamo is approaching. Vaggerydsbanan is operated by Krösatågen and diesel cars Y31/Y32.
 There are plans to electrify this railway, but no decision has been taken yet.
 Skillingaryd station.

 Another royal monument.
 JLT länstrafiken billboard.
 Train leaving to Jönköping.
 Klevshult station.
 Train from Skillgaryd is approaching
 Due to few passengers at this station, most train are just passing by.

 Värnamo station. Here the non-electrified Vaggerydsbanan meets the electrified Kust-till-kust banan from Kalmar to Göteborg.

 Close to Värnamo there is a nationpark called Store Mosse. Kust-till-kust railway is crossing it right in the middle.
 Store Mosse has the largest boggy ground south of Lappland.
 So, one can enjoy the real north already in south part of Sweden.
 SJ Regional from Kalmar to Göteborg is passing here.

 Trails are made for enjoying this beautiful place.

The remains of old peat plant can be found here.

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