Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter photos 2015 - Vretstorp, Östansjö, Åsbro, Rönneshytta

 Vretstorp was once a station town, but the trains does not stop here anymore since 1986.
 SJ Intercity train is passing by.

 Vretstorp is one of the towns where Västra Stambanan is passing.
 SJ Snabbtåg 2000 is passing by.
 Östansjö station is also closed since 1986. Here is X40 train passing by

 Åsbro station was closed already 1971, but the station building is still holding strong.

 Tågkompaniet X51 is passing by Åsbro.
 At Åstro normally trains are stopping to let the meeting train pass.

 Here they meet.

 Rönneshytta station was shut down 1971. Here is a memory sign for the removed station building.

 The railway line here is between Hallsberg and Mjölby.
 Some parts of this railway line is upgraded to a new track.
 The line is modernised to be double track railway and a more straight line than before.
 The project is a part of "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" modernisation and is still ongoing.

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