Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter photos 2015 - Strömtorp, Grängesberg, Ställdalen, Kopparberg

Here are some photos from a beautiful winter day in Bergslagen area in Sweden.
 Strömtorp station building.
 Strömtorp was recently mentioned in the news due to an avoided train accident. The investigation is still on going, but it seems that the incident was caused by several reasons, one of them is that the station is not suited for short trains such as X51.
 Tågab train at Grängesberg station.
 Tågab is cooperating with Swebus for trips between Dalarna and Värmland.
 Tågkompaniet train at Grängesberg station.
 I had luck to take photos of both trains stopping here. But unlucky for people travelling in these trains, this day there ware a power outage between Ludvika and Ställdalen.
 Tågab is operating a train on this line only once per day. Tågkompaniet is running trains each 2 h.

 Grängesberg was once a large town due to its iron-ore extraction field (the 3rd largest in Sweden). But since its closure at the end of the 80's the population has heavily decreased.
 Now the town is a nice attraction for tourists during the summer.
 Here is a monument "Skutborraren" for the memory of the good old times.
 "Stora hagen" was once an area build for workers here, now one of the houses is a museum.

 "Cassels donation" is a concert hall in Grängesberg, it was a gift from Sir Ernest Cassel who was a British-german business man earning a part of his money in Grängesberg.

 Ställdalen station
 Kopparberg station
 Kopparberg station
 Lake "Torrvarpen" with ice.

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