Saturday, March 16, 2024

Hallsberg, Laxå

Spending this Saturday in Sweden
Often pass by here but do not notice the details of this fantastic decoration at the Central station
Created in 1959 by the sculptor Stig Blomberg


X10 from Tågab at Hallsberg

On my way to Laxå, I spot Sandahls train approaching

Apparently, there is a train queue ahead, hence the delay
Timber is loaded on the train at Laxå
Sandahls trains has now reached Laxå
185 413 is a former Rush Rail locomotive

243 120 "Rudolf Wall"

More freight heading to Göteborg

Birds are returning to Sweden

3 trains ahead

TMX 1021

Rd2 1090

Rail yard next to Hallsberg
A little bit later same day it is starting to snow

Hector Rail from Laxå is ready to leave

482 038

Hotell Stinsen in Hallsberg

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