Saturday, February 24, 2024

München Heimeranplatz

Today, I'm flying between Izmir and Munich
The direct flight is operated by SunExpress, joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines

There is no Business class on SunExpress but it is possible to preorder a very nice meal

In Munich, I have time to visit Heimeranplatz
The station is served by the S-Bahn

There are 7 tracks here, and most of them are used by non-stopping trains
What a surprise, a train from Sweden
It is Snälltåget service to Austria
Snälltåget has now approved Vectrons for operation in all countries they serve, here is 193 965

It's also impressive that the train has 11 wagons, and I guess they are fully booked
Snälltåget has plans to start daily passenger services in Denmark, and also extend the Stockholm-Malmö train to Copenhagen. Turns out the it's a good business to run a railway company

This railway is a continuing to Ostbahnhof and further towards Rosenheim and Austria

And here is a real classic one, Class 420 that was even used in Stockholm for a short time
The Class 420 (German: Baureihe 420) is a commuter electric multiple-unit train type in service on German S-Bahn networks since 1972. Their use in Munich during the 1972 Summer Olympics earned them the colloquial name Olympiatriebwagen (Olympic multiple unit). (Wikipedia)

A lot of ICE trains here, but where are all the freight trains...

Here they are

193 536

The other photographer is looking at the wrong side

185 538

185 526 and 186 442

185 215

187 509

077 021

152 069

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