Thursday, January 11, 2024

Lage Zwaluwe, Tilburg Reeshof, Dordrecht Zuid

I'm on my way to Italy, this time through Amsterdam where I will have a stopover
Early morning flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam, the sunrise can be seen from the plane

Arriving in Amsterdam
Just as in many other airports, there is a train station downstairs
Eurostar (former Thalys) train to Paris
I'm taking IC direct train to Rotterdam
IC direct is using the high speed line

It takes about 30 min to reach Rotterdam from Schiphol
Changing trains and buying a coffee
I'm on my way to Lage Zwaluwe station
Changing trains at Dordrecht, I can already spot a freight train here
And another one
186 109

Locomotive that can be used all the way from the Netherlands to Italy

And here I am at Lage Zwaluwe
I'm a bit unfamiliar first which track the freight trains are using

Direct Intercity trains from Roosendaal

Nearby windpower

Most freight trains are using these two tracks leading to/from Breda, Tilburg and Venlo
This is one of 3 routes to/from Germany, the other two are via Bad Bentheim and Emmerich
The Emmerich route is however closed from time to time, so the freight trains are rerouted here
186 504

SlovVagon, Slovakia

The nearby high speed railway with Eurostar trains
And here we go...
There are fewer trains than I expected due to a failure, and it is a bit cold here despite the sunshine

Another photographer
Tilburg Reeshof
Class 189 

193 727, RTB Cargo

193 796

The new generation Intercity is already in service

193 623

15 min later in Dordrecht Zuid - the weather has changed completey

193 498

193 947

A bird that is left for the winter

193 537

Heading to Italy

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