Thursday, December 7, 2023

Paczkowo, Jaksice, Złotniki Kujawskie, Maksymilianowo, Smętowo

Last post from Poland for this time
On my way from Poznan to Bydgoszcz, here is Paczkowo station
Captrain is switching from main line to CLIP Intermodal Container Terminal

Pesa Elf 2

Pesa Gama

At some stations, the trains are just parked, like here at Trzemeszno


This is the railway line No. 131 Chorzów Batory - Tczew - a railway line in Poland connecting the Upper Silesia, Częstochowa Industrial District and the Rybnik Coal District with the railway junction in Tczew, and further with the Port of Gdańsk and the Port of Gdynia. It was built as a freight line, bypassing large cities (except Bydgoszcz). The line passes through five voivodeships and 18 counties. It largely coincides with one of the most important infrastructure investments in the Second Polish Republic - the coal main line. (Wikipedia)


Złotniki Kujawskie



Tasty polish sour soup


Many interesting details 

EN57 and ET22

On my way to Gdansk airport, I found out that my KLM flight was canceled, so I rebooked to SAS

On the runway, I can see a KLM flight, which is a previously delayed one. The others are canceled due to ice fog in Amsterdam.

After taking off, I can see the sun for a short while

When the plane starts to descend the sun disappears very fast
I'm making use of my Amex platinum when traveling, here is the Carlsberg lounge at CPH airport
Only cold food, but very good anyway
Also, I visit Aspire lounge
Here there is warm food
Copenhagen Airport is a nicer one than in Stockholm, there are more shops and restaurants here

Of course, there is a LEGO shop

7-eleven go
Deicing process on the way to Stockholm


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