Sunday, January 22, 2023

Oslo, Bergen, Voss

Weekend trip to Bergen
First, SJ Snabbtåg Stockholm-Oslo
Sunset in Oslo


Freight train at Oslo S

Another one

Night train to Stavanger

Night train to Trondheim

And finally, the night train to Bergen (to the right)
Passengers can travel both in private compartments or in open seat wagon
Something in between is the Plus wagon with comfortable seats

I have my own private bed compartment
Early in the morning arriving in Bergen

No time to waste, I am already on the next train to Voss

Freight train from Bergen to Oslo

Things have happened here since my last visit in 2017, there is a new cable car here

Intercity Bergen-Oslo

CargoNet Bergen-Oslo

Fløyen Panorama

Really expensive liquor here in Norway
Bergen tram

Next morning I'm on my way back to Oslo, this time with a daytrain

Now it is possible to travel in own compartment, which I will do
It's the older German wagon

It has space for bicycles or ski equipment

Restaurant wagon


Back in Oslo


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