Sunday, October 16, 2022

Burghaun, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Eichenberg, Poggenhagen

Trip to Germany
Arlanda Central

Welcome on board

Take aways
Frankfurt Hbf

Typical October weather

Starting my spotting at the Burghaun station which is on the main trunk line Wurzburg-Hannover
120 127, BLC (Bahnlogistik24)

193 996, TX Logistik
"Keine Füße, Kein Abdruck"

145 087, Lok-Partner GmbH & Co. KG

193 883,

Regional train on the line
Haunetal Neukirchen
I was here during the summer, now it's colder and the trees are more red/yellow
187 202

185 528, TX Logistik

383 111, RTI - Railtrans International, s.r.o.

The locomotive has country packages: SK, D, A, PL, CZ, H, RO

Flixtrains on the line


193 870, Eurogate Intermodal

On the way to Hamburg

Trains in both directions

189 801, WLE - Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH

Beer train

Eurodual is coming

159 216, HLG - Holzlogistik and Güterbahn GmbH

187 191
Bad Sooden-Allendorf

152 167

182 600, Saar Rail GmbH

One of the most beautiful train stations along this line is definitely Eichenberg

192 104, EGP

After the end of World War II, Eichenberg was a border station. Here there were controls between the British and American zone until 1 November 1948, when they were abolished to the north (in the British zone); a year later, they were also abolished to the south (in the U.S. zone). Rail services between Eichenberg and Arenshausen (in the Russian zone) were closed. A re-opening of the line was rejected by the western authorities because Eichenberg station was congested due to the controls. Under the Helmstedt agreement of 1949, the line would have been re-opened, but this was not implemented. The tracks between Eichenberg and Arenshausen were dismantled in 1948. In 1989, the Eichenberg–Arenshausen line became one of the first lines to be selected for reopening over the Inner German border. (Wikipedia)

152 006

187 511, Metrans

More Eurodual

159 218, ecco-rail GmbH
"Dirty bitch"

Looks like a heavy train


152 072

185 079

185 539

152 068

155 239
232 592
193 233
189 056
192 017
Tonight I'm staying in Hannover

The next morning I was supposed to take the route to Hamburg where I would fly to Stockholm, unfortunately, I will find out that my flight is canceled due to a strike. I'm able to re-plan my trip back from Dusseldorf, but of course, all my plans for this day will crash.

But I will at least enjoy a little bit of sun today

152 014
Parked TX Logistik train 


I must say that even with the strike and a new flight booking on short notice, I got compensated for my expenses.


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