Saturday, November 20, 2021

Elsterwerda-Biehla, Stadt Wehlen(Sachs), Krippen, Dresden

There are not many direct flights from Stockholm on Friday evening, but I have found some, and today it is a flight to Berlin
My trip to the airport started with a flight bus, but due to a road accident, I decided to switch to the train instead.
Arlanda express, fast and reliable, but expensive
This time I'm flying from Terminal 2, which looks a bit deserted this time
"Offsetting the carbon emissions..."
Landing at the new Berlin Brandenburg airport. It was supposed to open in 2011, but due to technical issues, the opening was delayed until 2020 (Terminal 1). Terminal 2 opened in 2022.
East side gallery

One good improvement compared to the old Tegel airport is the underground train station
The new FEX (Flughafen-Express) train takes about 30 minutes

Arriving at Berlin Hbf
The hotel is just nearby
Breakfast in the morning
Today I'm heading to Elbtalbahn, the railway between Děčín–Dresden

Regional train to Falkenberg (not to confuse with Falkenberg in Sweden)
Falkenberg (Elster) station is one of the biggest stations in the German state of Brandenburg. It is located in the town of Falkenberg/Elster in the south of the state. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station. Railways run in seven directions from the station. It is a two-level interchange station built where several routes interconnect. There is a large marshalling yard connecting to both the upper and the lower parts of the station. At times Falkenberg was the fifth largest marshalling yard in East Germany (GDR). Only part of these tracks have been in use since the 1990s.
A large station building, which had been built in 1882, was destroyed in the Second World War. A restaurant complex built in GDR times was substantially rebuilt after 2010 and now serves as the entrance building. A number of buildings of the station and its surrounds are heritage-listed. (Wikipedia)

The upper level railway is the Halle-Cottbus which runs east-west

Arriving at Elsterwerda-Biehla station located at Węgliniec–Roßlau railway
Class 112 locomotive
This is a very common view in Germany, an abandoned railway station building, and this is not only in the old GDR part, I've seen similar buildings in the West Germany
Talent 2
Passing by Vestas Blades facility in Lauchhammer


285 118, diesel version of Traxx

Elbtalbahn is operated by Eurocity trains connecting Germany with Czechia


The Děčín–Dresden railway, also called the Elbe Valley Railway (German: Elbtalbahn) is an electrified main line in Saxony and the Czech Republic. Formerly called the Saxon-Bohemian State Railway (Sächsisch-Böhmische Staatseisenbahn), the line is part of the Dresden to Prague route and is one of Europe's most important trunk routes (Magistralen). It runs along the Elbe Valley from Děčín via Bad Schandau and Pirna to Dresden. The first section of the line was opened in 1848 and is one of the oldest lines in Germany. (Wikipedia)
The Děčín–Dresden line is part of line 22 of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T; Athens–Sofia–Budapest–Vienna–Prague–Nuremberg/Dresden) and received €11 million in 2000 to 2006 from the European Regional Development Fund. The line is also the most northern section of Pan-European railway corridor IV connecting Dresden and Istanbul. The track is the only electrified line that directly connects Germany with the Czech Republic. It is a key part of the freight line between Scandinavia and Southern Europe. The line is the fastest link from the Czech Republic to the North Sea ports and as such very busy with freight. (Wikipedia)
193 749, Cargo Motion s.r.o.

193 894, Captrain/ITL - Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

Eurocity 379 from Kiel to Prague
S-Bahn operates here with push-pull trains

Stadt Wehlen(Sachs)

383 403, Metrans/HHLA

HHLA (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG) which is the parent company of Metrans operates three of the four container terminals in the Port of Hamburg.

186 298, Lineas

Taking a break from trains, and visiting the town
The water level in Elbe river has been varying

Stadt Wehlen is on the other side of the river

Now, visiting a station that will become one of favourites - Krippen

Krippen station has its own webpage, it is possible to rent an apartment here

Also, there is an art gallery - Atelier K

ČD class 372, Škoda 72E
In the 1970s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn electrified the Děčín–Dresden-Neustadt railway between Dresden and Schöna, near the Czech border, using the standard German electrification of 15 kV 16 2⁄3 Hz. Across the Czechoslovak border, railways were electified with 3 kV DC, creating a gap between Schöna and Děčín, which required trains to be diesel hauled. To solve this problem, it was decided to develop a class of locomotives that could operate on both the German AC and the Czech DC electrification systems. (Wikipedia)

386 021

Besides the EC trains, there are also Regional trains between Bad Schandau and Děčín, operated with diesel Siemens Desiro trains

386 026

Königstein(Sächs Schw)

Time for a beer on the Eurocity train from Bad Schandau to Dresden
Christmas is here soon
There is a nice restaurant just at the station
It has a lot of space and it's almost empty
Dresden Christmas market is closed this year, the decisition to have it closed came just when everything was ready to be open.
The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is considered the first genuine Christmas market in the world. Founded as a one-day market in 1434, it celebrated its 585th anniversary in 2019. (Wikipedia)

Outdoor bar is open

Corona safe transportation - e-scooter

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