Saturday, June 6, 2020

Älmhult, Höör

Today I'm heading to Kronoberg, the hometown of IKEA - Älmhult.
 I'm arriving in the evening with Snälltåget at Alvesta station.
 Just as the Snälltåget is about to leave, a freight train is approaching the station
 It's the train 4260 to Hallsberg
 Rc4 1168

 From Alvesta Snälltåget is operating a bus to Växjö

 X31 and X14

 I'm taking a short ride on Öresundståget to Älmhult

 In 1953 the first IKEA opened here in Älmhult. Today there is a museum, shopping mall, and a hotel here.

 Today I'm staying at IKEA hotel
 The room has of course furniture from IKEA

 Rescue locomotive from Trafikverket at Älmhult station. This is one of 15 locomotives spread through the country
 Voith Gravita 10BB locomotive

 RRS train to Ånge
 Rc4 1175

 Hectorrail train 40971 to Malmö
 441.002 Eurosprinter

 X31 and X2

 IKEA has also its own beer
 A table lamp with wireless phone charging - very convenient without using a cable
 The next morning, I'm leaving the hotel early
 First, it's a Hectorrail train 40973 to Malmö

 This train has two Rc3 locomotives
 Rc3 1039 and 1048

 It's raining today

 The trains are empty at 8 in the morning on a Saturday
 From Älmhult I'm taking a train to Höör
 Höör station
 Höör is located in Skåne

 Café Rälsen - unfortunately, closed on a Saturday
 Train 94566 from Trelleborg to Skövde
  This train is operated by TX Logistik AB
185 674, Traxx F140 AC2
 TX Logistik is usually operating trains between Trelleborg/Eskilstuna and Malmö/Bro, so this train must be a special one

 Today is 6th of June - the National day of Sweden, which I'm celebrating in my own special way
 Hectorrail train I saw earlier in Älmhult has now reached Höör
 Train 40973
 Rc3 has become Class 143 at Hectorrail

 Today I can try "Sverige bakelse" at the local cafe in Höör

 Train 45537 from Borlänge to Trelleborg

 Rd2 1031 and 1081

  Train 41011 from Falköping, the train will continue as train 42711 through Denmark to Krefeld Uerdingen (near Duisburg in Germany).
241.006 "Calrissian" Traxx F140 AC2
 This Traxx can travel both in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany as it is supporting 15kV and 25kV electrification

 Most containers in this train are from Samskip Van Dieren
 Colourful X31

 A lonely Rc4P is on the way from Malmö to Halmstad as train 65500
 Rc4P 1293
 Train 5100 to Hallsberg

 Rm 1260
 I'm on my way further south
 Hectorrail train is waiting at Eslöv

 At Lund station it is sunny, and I hope to see the train 41011 once again here
 Greenlight for the freight train

 During Corona pandemic, the freight trains are basically the only ones allowed to travel without any restrictions between countries. Denmark has put up strict requirements for passengers arriving from Sweden.

 The old station house is now a baker shop
 I went inside for a coffee and some minutes later it was heavy raining outside

 I'm traveling back to Älmhult
 This time it was quicker to take a Krösatåg from Hässleholm
 X11 3138
 Train 5232 arrived earlier here in Älmhult from Helsingborg. Now it's continuing as train 6127 to Olofström
 The railway from Älmhult to Olofström is non-electrified, and it is only operated by freight trains, mainly to the Volvo factory in Olofström. It is planned to electrify the railway and reopen the part between Olofström and Karlshamn, as Sydostlänken. This will mean that the railway that was dismounted in 1988 will reopen sometimes in 2030.
 In order to travel from the freight rail yard in Älmhult to Olofström, the train has to cross the busy Southern Main Line.
 Now, it is clear for the travel

 Td 408 and 376 are now leaving Älmhult

 Train 15613 from Hallsberg to Malmö

 Rd2 1116

 The traffic is very busy here around Älmhult, even on a Saturday. The passenger train Krösatåg is followed by a freight train
 Train 4431 from Älvsjö godsbangård to Älmhult has reached its final destination
 Rd2 1033

 It's the 6th of June, but only 10C

 Train 5164 Hallsberg-Malmö
 Rc4 1197
 Train 41074
 143.048 and 143.039

 Train 44983 Hallsberg-Trelleborg
 185 327 Traxx
 The train is slowing down here, as there is a change of locomotive driver

 Another freight train is already approaching Älmhult

 RRS train 42027 from Ånge to Helsingborg is also slowing down here for a change of driver
 Rc4 1302

 Train drivers from the freight trains are continuing their journey with Öresundståg
 Train 46252 from Gent-Zeehaven in Belgium to Älmhult
 The train operator is Green Cargo, but a locomotive from DB is used here
 185 335 Traxx
 There is a Volvo factory in Gent so the freight will continue from Älmhult to Olofström later

 Another DB locomotive is approaching
  It is train 41755 from Rosersberg (north of Stockholm) to Lübeck in Germany

Here is 185 324 with HH Bode Spedition livery
  Lübeck-Stockholm express

185 335 is returning back

 Green Cargo train to Skelleftehamn

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