Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fors, Avesta

It's November, and it's getting dark early so I'm doing a short trip today.
Arriving at Avesta Krylbo
Dalälven river right outside the station

Train 8103 Gävle-Örebro
Train 14913 Umeå-Nässjö
Rd2 1118

Train 48365 Fliskär-Kristinehamn
Rc2 008

Train 6159 Borlänge-Fagersta
Train 8118
I'm traveling only 1 stop from Avesta Krylbo to Fors
The platform is so short in Fors that even a two-car Regina train does not fit completely, all the doors are fitting though.

X51 9018
There is a paper industry in Fors operated by Stora Enso

Fors river

This is not fog, it's coming from the paper factory and it's smells horrible

Monster cars from Stora Enso

Only 1 train more today

Train 5966 Hallsberg-Ånge
Rd2 1092

Fors centrum

I'm not going to wait for the train, instead, I will take the bus to Avesta, once it has returned from Horndal.
Avesta municipality has made all busses free for its citizens, but it is necessary to get a special ticket that gives you the possibility for free travel. It can be obtained at the local supermarket on in Dalatrafiken app.

A bit depressing here in Fors, especially with this smell
Avesta bus station

Dalabanan passing through central Avesta

The old town in Avesta

Avesta hydropower station

Verket - an art center in Avesta

Avesta centrum station - no trains stop here during the weekends
For citizens of Avesta, there is a nearby station Avesta Krylbo

I'm taking a bus from central Avesta to Krylbo station

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