Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Leksand, Rättvik

On Swedish National day, 6th of June I'm travelling to Dalarna, visiting Leksand and Rättvik.
 I'm taking the Intercity train from Stockholm to Mora.
 Dalabanan railway to Mora was completed in 1914. Most of the station buildings along Dalabanan are still there, here is Leksand station.
 Dalabanan is used for freight trains as well
 Hectorrail Vectron locomotive hauled train heading to Mora to collect timber
Vectron AC DPM (Diesel Power Module) has a last mile function

 This route was previously operated by Rush Rail which went bankrupt in 2016 and were taken over by Trätåg AB

 Central part of Leksand

 Missionskyrkan in Leksand

 Hembygdsgårdarna - history open air museum

 Munthes Hildasholm museum

 Other side of Österdal river

 Leksand church

 Bridges over Österdalälven

 M/S Gustaf Wasa built in 1876

 TiB (Tåg i Bergslagen) operated regional line Borlänge-Mora
 After a short ride, I'm in Rättvik, which I have visited once in the winter
 Same freight train I saw earlier in Leksand is returning filled with wood

 Hector Rail is operating a so called Trätåg concept

 Långbryggan, a 628m long pier built in 1895
 It was renovated in 1992, with a crowdfunding. Each of the donators name is engraved on the planks.
 Lake Siljan
Rättvik station

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