Saturday, April 7, 2018

Järlåsa, Broddbo, Vikmanshyttan, Ornäs

Today I'm visiting Dalabanan railway which stretches between Uppsala and Mora.
First stop is at Järlåsa, where it was a train station until 1971

The railway is operated by SJ Intercity service between Stockholm and Falun/Mora.
Intercity service is operated with locomotive hauled coach train, and sometimes with X55 EMU

Next stop is Vittinge, station building is still there, but there is no stop here anymore

Heby station is still operated by trains, here is X11 3137 arriving from Uppsala
Upplands lokaltrafik is renting 2 X11 from Kalmar länstrafik since 2017.
X11 is used on the short line Uppsala-Sala with two intermediate stops in Morgongåva and Heby

Old Heby station

Broddbo station

Station house in Broddbo
Another Intercity train

After passing Krylbo, and Hedemora, I'm visiting Vikmanshyttan
Another Intercity with Rc6 locomotive

Vikmanshyttan station, or what is left of it.

At last, a station at Bergslagsbanan, which has recently been listed as culturally and historically protected. Ornäs station is one of 4 stations that got this listing. The others are Landeryd, Fåglavik and Pessinajokk.
Ornäs station which is located near Borlänge, was built in 1876.

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