Sunday, March 4, 2018

Göteborg to Stockholm

I'm on my way from Germany to Sweden.

Approaching Göteborg

The temperature is below 0 C

Stena Jutlandica on the way to Frederikshavn

Skandiahamnen (Skandiaharbour) in Göteborg.
Many freight trains begin their journey from here to other destinations in Sweden.

Just as easy as it was to reach the terminal from train station in Kiel, it is also here in Göteborg. There is a 5min walk from the terminal to the nearest tram stop.
Tram to central Göteborg

I have some time before my train, so I get off at Stenpiren stop

Ice on channels in Göteborg, which must be a bit unusual. Mars 2018 has been one of the coldest ever in Sweden and some parts of Europe.

X2 to Stockholm. Today I will take the advantage of being in Göteborg sunday morning, so I'll take Blå tåget.
X52 and X61


Tågab with Rc3 and old coaches type B7, ABS2, R2, A2, BC2

SSRT night train from Luleå

The train has coaches of type BC4, BF4, WL4, and WL6

Finally, Blå tåget is arriving
Rc3 or Hector 143 locomotive is used

I'm taking the A2 1st class coach
Since it's lunch time, I'm also visiting the restaurant coach

Passing through winter landscape

Skövde garnison

Volvo factory in Skövde


Reaching maximum speed

Hallsberg railway yard




Södertälje Syd

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