Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Madrid, Segovia, Santiago de Compostela

Today I'm leaving Toledo, and continue my trip north west to Santiago de Compostela, I will make two stops on my way, in Madrid and Segovia.
 Taking a bus from central Toledo to the station.
 River Tajo
 Toledo station in the morning
 S104 train to Madrid. As on many high speed stations, there is a security control, which means that it is not possible to board the train earlier than 15min before departure.

 Avant services from Madrid to Toledo
 The train has 4 coaches, all promoted as Turista class, even though one of the coaches has 2+1 seating, instead of standard 2+2.

 No table for the face to face seats.

 New Talgo Avril train "Alta Velocidad Rueda Independiente Ligero" for the future services between Madrid and northwest of Spain. There will be an extra-large version of 3.2m enabling a 2+3 seating configuration in standard class rows and a capacity of up to 600/700 seats in a 200m trainset.

 Approaching Madrid
 Puerta de Atocha Cercanias station
 Renfe Civia
 Puerta del Sol
 Plaza Mayor, located very near to Puerta del Sol

 Calle De Toledo, basically where I just came from

 I have 2h before my next train, I have to change from the main station Puerta de Atocha, to the second major station in Madrid - Chamartin.

 Lady Gaga is coming to Spain
 Puerta del Sol station
 Chamartin station was built between 1970 and 1975, it is connecting Madrid with the north parts of Spain.

 My next train is also an Avant service, but this time is Renfe Class S121. The security control is performed directly on the platform.
 There is only 2nd class on this train
 The service is from Madrid to Valladolid, but I'm travelling only to Segovia

 Towers on Paseo de la Castellana and Renfe Class S130
 Renfe Class S730 - the hybrid version of S130 which supports both electric and diesel power

 I'm travelling on Madrid-Leon high speed line, the section to Valladolid opened in 2007, while the rest of the line to Leon opened in 2015. There are also plans for the Galicia line and Basque line sections.

 The line has Spain's longest tunnel - Guadarrama Tunnel, which 28km long.

On the other side of the tunnel it is cloudy
 The train has arrived to Segovia
 Segovia-Guiomar Station opened in 2007 and it is located 7km from Segovia town.
 There are busses to the town

 The trip to town takes 15-20min

 Aqueduct of Segovia
 It is one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts

 Catedral de Segovia

 Alcázar de Segovia

 The busses are departing every 20-25min on weekdays


 My next train is this S730 Alvia to Ferrol
 I will be travelling to Santiago de Compostela
 Segovia viewed from the train

 Until Olmedo our train is travelling on Madrid-Leon high speed line, from Almedo there is a new high speed line until Zamora, it opened in 2015.
 Medina del Campo AV

 The old Iberian gauge line is running close to the standard gauge high speed line
 The whole line between Olmedo and Ourense will open in 2018
 Until the new line is open, the trains have to take the old lines, here in Zamore there is a gauge changer for the trains.
 Gauge changing process is monitored by the staff

 The line between Zamora and La Coruna opened in 1958, it is non-electrified, hence the use of S730 trains here

 Puebla de Sanabria

 Finally, after many hours, the train has arrived to Santiago de Compostela

 It's raining here, so I better hurry to the hotel and have something to eat
 Traditional dish here in Galicia is pulpo - octopus.

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