Saturday, April 2, 2016


Today I'm exploring Karlsborgsbanan railway - an abandoned railway between Skövde and Karlsborg. 
 On my way there, I'm stopping to see Västra Stambanan nearby Finnerödja.

Y31 Itino

 The railway from Skövde to Karlsborg was built 1876 and closed 1993. The tracks are still in place, as well as some messages.

 The station building has a second hand shop today.


 Final stop - Karlsborg. Today the station is a pizzeria.

 Karlsborg is placed at lake Vättern
 Karlsborg fortress built as the reserve capital of Sweden.

 On my way back, I'm stopping in Askersund
 The old station building from demolished Askersund-Lerbäck railway
 Godsstråket genom Bergslagen railway junction nearby Hallsberg

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