Monday, December 28, 2015

Montreux, Lausanne

Continuing my journey around Switzerland by taking Simplon railway from Brig to Montreux.
 Convenient Interregio trains are leaving each 30 min. Here is 1st class coach. During daytime it's almost empty. Since the times of Trans-Europ-Express connections from Paris to Milan, today there are only night service operating full route on this railway, trains operated under the brand Thello.
 The train does some stops along the way, here is Sion station.
 In Martigny we are very close to the French border. Here it is possible to take Mont Blanc express into France.
 Arriving to Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and passing by Château de Chillon.
 Arriving to Montreux station. Montreux is kind of Swiss riviera town, many famous people have been residents here.
 The conductor is saying good bye to me.

 Lake can be viewed already from the platform.
 Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux.

 Train station building

 The famous Freddie Mercury statue overlooking lake Geneva. He lived in this town during many years.
 Montreux is also famous for another musical celebration, the annually held Jazz Festival.

 SBB RABe 523 (Stadler Flirt) for regional services.

 In Montreux it is possible to change trains for a narrow gauge railways, e.g. Golden Pass trains.
 Re 460 locomotive promoting opening of Gotthard Base Tunnel this year.
 The most common locomotive is Switzerland is however Re 420 produced between 1964 and 1985. Today they are used both for passenger and freight trains.

 Chocolate train.

At Lausanne station.

ICN (Intercity Neigezug) also known as SBB RABDe 500 is a Swiss version of Intercity tilting train. It is used for services on northern lines through Neuchâtel and on Gotthard route, where there is most efficient from its tilt technology.
 It was put in service during year 2000.
 The manufacturing was a joint development between Bombardier, Alstom and Pininfarina-
 Somehow the ICN train is a distant family member with Swedish X2000 tilting train.
 Inside 1st class coach of ICN train.
 Back to Zurich, Re 460 and Re 420 locomotives are parked.

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