Saturday, November 7, 2015


Today the trip goes to Värmland, and its rail stations, starting with Nora Bergslags railway.
 This station is placed in the forest, with no towns nearby, which makes it specially interesting.
 The railway is today used for draisine tourist vehicles during the summer, so the railway is still there.
 Here it is, the beautiful Värmlands Säby station.

 Next is Fagerås station, along the Värmlandsbanan railway from Laxå to Charlottenberg and further to Oslo (named Kongsvingerbanan).
 Today it is a stop for Värmlandstrafik commuter trains between Karlstad and Charlottenberg.

 Lene station

 Högboda station

 A fire was observed nearby Högboda station

 Some historical artefacts nearby Brunsberg station

 Edane station and nearby Värmeln lake

 Here is Värmlandstrafik train
 SJ X2 from Oslo to Stockholm
 Arvika station is my last stop for today

Somewhere in Värmland.

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