Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tranås Aneby

Today is part 2 of the trip to Östergötland, reaching all the way to Tranås and Aneby.
 First, SJ Regional train to Linköping.
 The old Årsta bridge is on repair during all summer, all trains are using the new bridge.
 In Linköping, there is a train meeting of Snälltåget from Malmö and Östgötapendeln. During the winter Snälltåget is operating to some ski resorts along the Inlandsbanan.
 Östgötapendeln is not anymore operating service to Jönköping due to few passengers, instead the amount of trains are increased to Motala, which means that for passengers going south there is a change in Mjölby.
 For some reason, the platform from which the train to Tranås is leaving is named Spår 21.

 Passing by the depot in Boxholm.
 Old JLT logotype in Tranås.
 Since Tranås belongs to Jönköping county, the local trains are operated by it's own company, in this case Krösatågen.
 Östgötapendeln is now making it's last stop south in Tranås.
 While Krösatåg last stop north is also Tranås.
 Tranås is a cosy little town.
 Cafe Tranan in Tranås. Trana is a bird, in English crane.

 Södra stambanan is crossing Tranås. Many cargo trains are passing here, north/south directions.
 SJ Snabbtåg service Stockholm - Malmö is also passing, some of the trains are even stopping here.
 Krösatåg is heading to Nässjö.

 Aneby is the next stop further south. The old train station is now a dental office.

 Järnvägsgatan in Aneby.

 Old warning sign telling that only trains are safe on the railtracks.
 Train back to Tranås.
 Boxholm is a stop between Tranås and Mjölby.

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