Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter 2015 - Ljusdal, Järvsö

On a last winter day, the trip went north to Ljusdal and Järvsö.
 Ljusdal station building from 1880.
 SJ Intercity train with older cars.
 Train is moving further to Duved.
 "Skenutflykt" is an artwork from 1994.

 The lake Kyrksjön is just next to the station.
 X-Tåget (X52) end station from Gävle is Ljusdal.
 Inside the X52.
 The river Ljusnan. Most part of the Norra stambanan railway between Gävle and Ånge is placed along this river.
 Järvsö i famous for its ski resort.
 X52 train at Järvsö station.

 Järvsö station building is now a tourist center.

 In Järvsö there is a zoo open all year.
 Many of the nordic animals are represented here.

X-Tåget has the end stop in Gävle.
X-Tåget and Upptåget.

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