Saturday, February 2, 2019

Timrå, Kramfors

Today I'm travelling far north, to Timrå and Kramfors to see the real winter.
 Stockholm C in the morning
 SJ fast train to Sundsvall is a X55
 When the journey starts before 9AM a breakfast is included in 1st class

 It's snowing a lot
 Even more snow here

 Another X55

 X55 train has 4 coaches
 Final stop for this train - Sundsvall
 My train is 19 min late which means that I would miss my connecting train in Sundsvall. Luckily it was waiting for the passengers from delayed train.
Changing in Sundsvall to Norrtåg to Umeå.

 X62 Norrtåg is waiting on the other side of the platform

 Sundsvall C
 Sundsvall Västra
 Cold up in the north
 I'm just travelling one stop in this train
 Pay by card, not cash - says this advertisement
 Mind the gap
 Not many people getting off here
 The train continues to Umeå
 Botniabanan together with Ådalsbanan railway are equipped with ERTMS, hence no railway signalling here

 The station is from 1925 but it was rebuilt 2008-2010 at the time when the railway was upgraded to ERTMS. Unfortunately the old station house was demolished in 2010.

SCA paper industry

On the other side of the railway is the Klingerfjärden - part of the Gulf of Botnia

Timrå is located just 13km north of Sundsvall

Central part of Timrå - Vivsta was constructed in the 1960-1970

Local shopping mall

There are frequent bus services to/from Sundsvall

My plan was to continue the journey to Härnösand by bus, but unfortunately it did not arrive on time

E4 highway passing through Timrå
After waiting for the bus for about 20min, I decided to take the train and skip Härnösand. At the station I find train 41745 from Ånge to Timrå

Slovakian cars

Hector Rail 142.209 (former ÖBB 1142)
Hector Rail 243.105 Vectron

The train backs to the SCA factory

X62 Norrtåget is arriving from Sundsvall

After freezing in Timrå, I decided to buy a coffee at the train
X62 is an Intercity version of X60-X61 trains circulating in Skåne, Göteborg, Stockholm and Östergötland. This means more comfortable seats and cafe service.


Höga kusten bridge

Place for bicycles
Art at the station

Kramfors first station opened in 1893, the second station opened in 1967. Between 2001 and 2012 there was no passenger services operating Kramfors. The second station was removed in 2009.

Norrtåg train continues to Umeå

Current station house in Kramfors
Stairs to Babelsberg area

A train to Sundsvall

Central part of Kramfors

Art around the station

My train back to Stockholm is an X55, SJ Snabbtåg from Umeå
Everything was on time until reaching Hudiksvall where it was announced that due to bad weather the tracks were not possible to operate around Söderhamn
It was a 1,5h waiting here in Hudiksvall

 Announcement from SJ app
 My train 587 and other delayed trains (in red) on this live Train map (unfortunately not available anymore).
At the end the tracks and the railroad switches were cleaned and the train could continue, the train was almost 2h delayed
Söderhamn station where it was a problem with frozen switchgear. It is indeed a lot of snow here.

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