Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gävle, Norrköping

Today I'm travelling to Gävle (to see the straw goat), and then to Norrköping (to see the light festival). From Gävle to Norrköping I will take a direct SJ Regional train line, which is actually one of few lines passing through Stockholm C (without termination).

The line has only few stops: Gävle, Uppsala, Arlanda, Stockholm, Södertälje, Norrköping and Linköping.
It will be strange for me to pass through Stockholm without getting off, so I take the opportunity to make this trip today.
 First I have to go to Gävle. Passing by Uppsala. The train is an X40 type.

 Gamla Uppsala
 The new line bypassing Gamla Uppsala is still under construction.
 The new line bypassing Skutskär is already open. The old line is still in use for freight trains to Skutskär Stora Enso pulp mill.
 Arriving to Gävle
 Hector Rail 142

 Final stop - Gävle
 Train station above Gävleån river

 Here it is. The original large goat was inaugurated on 27th November this year, but was burned down later same down. This one is a smaller replica. There is a tradition of burning down the straw goat in Gävle.

 I'm back to train station.
 Railway pub
 Railway hotel
 The station is an important junction for several lines, Upptåget to Uppsala is one of them.
 X52 Upptåget and X54 Tåg i Bergslagen.
 I'm visiting the railway pub, with a view over the station.
 Time for a lunch.
 Green Cargo air fuel transport to/from Arlanda airport and Gävle harbour.

 X52-3 X-tåget for Sundsvall.

 Green Cargo Rd2

 Time for my Norrköping trip, the X40 train is arriving.

 The train is turning over here directly, the cleaning is done during the time before departure.

 Green light, time to go.
 5 Regina trains in one shot
 Rush Rail T66
 Hennan station for Gävle railway museum

 During a short moment it's even possible to see the sea

 Skutskär old station
 Uppsala Cathedral
 Arriving to Stockholm
 Platform 10 is used
 Most passengers from Gävle get off here, new are entering the train.


 Train is continuing to Linköping.
 Norrköping light festival, just like in Uppsala is a tourist attraction during darkest time of the year.

 "Circle of life"


 "Talking heads"

 "Water fun"
 "Drawn in light"
 "The paper boat"
 I'm back to the station

 "Snälltåget" is arriving

 Restaurant coach

My train back to Stockholm

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